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Tips & FAQs

Performing some easy maintainence procedures yourself and learning a little more about your air conditioner, can save you time and money. If you have any questions or encounter a more complicated issue, please give Tracy D. Steele AC a call at the number below.

How often should I replace my filter?
Typically every 30 days, but high traffic (kids) and/or animals may require more frequent cleaning or replacement of filters.

What type of filter should I buy?
There are many types of filters on the market. We typically recommend standard every-day filters unless a person is dealing with allergies. Pleated filters may be the answer.
NOTE of CAUTION: The person with the allergies should not change the filter. If this cannot be avoided, then gloves and a dust mask are recommended.

Clearing Plants—Shrubs and plants should be trimmed at least 18" away from your air conditioner.
High-Voltage Wires—Be careful when gardening around your air conditioner. There are both low- and high-voltage wires that can be damaged or cause physical injury if compromised.

Should I turn off my a/c when I leave?
No. Turn your thermostat up a few degrees. It is more cost effective and you are not as uncomfortable when you return. Example—Adjust from 78 degrees to 82 degrees.

Don't Close Room Vents—Do not close vents in rooms not in use. Your system is designed to produce a set amount of airflow. Closing registers interferes with this adjustment.
Do Close the Blinds—It just makes sense. Closing the blinds on windows exposed to the direct sun will help maintain a more even temperature throughout your home.
Don't Open Windows—If you open the windows, even to air out the house, your a/c unit will stay on and will increase the load thus increasing your energy costs.

How often should I have my a/c professionally serviced?
Manufacturers recommend once a year. If you have not had your air conditioner's annual maintainence done, call us today at the number below.

What if I see water?
Usually, a clogged drain is the problem. The drain terminates outdoors. Locate the pvc drain pipe and use a wet vacuum to suck out the clog. You should then call us to schedule a more thorough cleaning.

What if I see ice?
Check your filters. Very dirty filters can cause an ice-up. Turn the system off for 8 hours, replace the filter, and restart the air conditioner. If the filters appear to be clean and you continue to experience ice, call us immediately—you may have a more serious problem.

What if my house is hot?
Checklist: 1. Is the Thermostat set properly? 2. Have you given the system enough time to cool? 3. Are the Air Handler and Condenser both running? ...if not, check circuit breakers. Still not cooling? Call us at the number below for fast service.

I have no display on my thermostat.
Checklist: 1. Check batteries inside the thermostat. 2. See answer "What if I see water" above. If you still have no display, call us at the number below for fast service.

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