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When it comes time to replace...

When the time comes to replace your air conditioner, here are some important answers to help you determine your next step.

How often should I replace my air conditioner?
Your air conditioner is the largest energy consumer in your house (unless you have teenage daughters). If you are experiencing multiple repairs, frequent repairs, high electric bills, your a/c unit is old, or your a/c is not able to cool on the hottest of days—these can all be signs of the need to replace your air conditioner.

Which air conditioner is the best?
There are many factors that need to be considered in order to answer that question. Air conditioners share many of the same parts, such as scroll compressors, and ecm type fan motors. The manufacturers set themselves apart by the assembly of those components which will determine the length of their warranties.

We at Tracy D. Steele A/C Inc., take the guesswork out of the equation for you. First, we only sell high quality air conditioners and our professional technicians can determine the best options for you.

Should I purchase an extended warranty?
Most systems offer a 10-year parts warranty—this does not cover Freon or labor if needed. We at Tracy D. Steele A/C Inc., recommend the 10-year labor warranties that are offered. This way you are covered for 10 years on repairs and only require annual maintenance. There is no service contract needed with this plan...all your needs are already covered.


How much does an air conditioner cost?
There are many different makes and models and many different installation variables that only an in-home evaluation can answer. Tracy D Steele A/C, Inc., does not charge for in-home replacement quotes. You may even call us for a second opinion quote at no charge.

Should I buy a heat pump or an air conditioner?
Generally, you should replace your air conditioner with the type of system you currently have. Your house was designed to meet the energy codes required at the time of construction and if you have a heat pump, code requires you to replace it with similar equipment. High efficiency air conditioners can be substituted for heat pumps, but require new energy calculations and that "manual J" be submitted while permitting.

Ceiling Fans—Turn on ceiling fans in the room you occupy. Air movement cools the skin and will allow you to set your thermostat higher, thus saving energy.

Should I consider SEER when replacing my air conditioner?
Absolutely. Think of SEER like gas mileage—the higher the number the lower the cost to run. You should balance the cost of the new system to the expected energy savings of the increased SEER. Our service technicians at Tracy D. Steele A/C, Inc., can explain these savings to you.

Tracy D. Steele, A/C Inc., is your local air conditioning expert. We are happy to answer your air conditioning-related question.

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